2014 Models Arriving at Merchants Auto

March 3rd, 2015 by

2014 Hyundai TucsonWe may be a used car dealership, but Merchants Auto is always on the cutting edge. Already, 2014 models have arrived for sale, and more are on their way. If you are looking for the most recent editions at used car prices, we have you covered. Come in and see what’s on the lot.

New used cars arrive daily, and these 2014’s include many hot choices at our used car dealership Manchester NH. Fuel Economy Newer cars have better fuel economy than old ones. It’s just a fact. Even big SUVs and pickup trucks have improved by one to five miles per gallon. Some sedans can get 30 to 38 miles per gallon on the highway. Get ready for your deal with our sales specials. Safety Federal safety laws have gotten tougher.

As a result, newer cars have electronic traction control. They offer brake assistance that will increase your stopping power in an emergency. They offer from one to four more airbags than older models. They offer crash avoidance systems including blind spot monitors, forward collision warnings, and lane watch systems. Advanced cruise control can speed or slow the car to match the traffic. Flexibility Minivans and SUVs have extremely flexible interiors.

Not only do seats fold flat, making bigger cargo holds, but you may be able to find models that offer power-folding mechnanisms. Rear seats in two and three row SUVs often offer reclining features not found on earlier models. Some minivans and 3-row SUVs offer middle seats that slide forward or back on a track, creating extra leg room for the third row. More and more vehicles have a power liftgate. Merchants Auto is the place to find 2014 models and great prices.

You’ll also find financing at our used car dealership Manchester NH.

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