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Simplify The Car Buying Process.

File Your Taxes With Tax Max, Receive an Instant Refund Advance To Use As Your Down Payment.


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Up To $6,000 Down Payment With Tax Max Instant Refund Advance

For Qualified Customers When You File Your Taxes With Tax Max*


$199 Discount When Purchasing A Car With Merchants**



*File your 2021 Taxes with Tax Max and receive up to $6,000 in Tax Refund Advance. Tax Refund Advance is based on your individual tax refund eligibility. Please contact Tax Max to confirm eligibility. All refunds will be loaded onto the pre-paid card and picked up at Merchants Auto. “Up to $6,000 Down Payment” is based on the refund provided by Tax Max, and is not an additional discount provided by Merchants Auto. Please see Merchants or Tax Max for a complete list of disclaimers and eligibility requirements.

**Merchants Auto will discount the purchase of a new vehicle at Merchants Auto up to $199 when you use your Tax Max Refund Advance as a down payment.

Tax Max

How It Works

Starting January 16th, Merchants Auto is partnering with Tax Max to help customers file their taxes. Customers will be able to file their taxes with Tax Max and receive their Tax Refund Advance instantly. Use your pre-paid Refund Advance card for your down payment, and Merchants will discount the vehicle price up to $199.***

***Please see the dealer for all details on the Tax Max Program. Offer Valid from Jan 16 2023 to Feb 28, 2023.



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