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We’ll buy any car, no purchase from us required!

We’ll Buy Any Car

We not only sell used cars, we buy them too, regardless of age, mileage or condition. That makes Merchants Auto the place to start when you sell your car.


It all begins with the appraisal…

How Merchant Auto Appraisals Are Different

Our appraisal process is simple. If you come to us, we will try to give you an appraisal in less than 60 minutes. We know your time is valuable, and our experts are good at evaluating vehicles individually. Selling a car in Manchester can’t get any easier than this.

There is no obligation on your end. You don’t have to accept our offer. You don’t have to buy one of our vehicles. This is an open process. We want you to feel good about selling a car in Manchester to us.

We formalize our appraisal with a written offer. Unlike helpful online appraisals, this is a real offer. That amount won’t change if you sell your car in Hooksett to us within 5 days or 250 miles.

If you want to sell your car in Manchester, you can drop by any time that we are open. You don’t have to have an appointment. It’s our goal to be as flexible as possible. We know that our customers have busy lives and may not have time to wait. We try to be as quick and thorough as possible and are always ready to see you when you can stop by.

Every car that comes to us is given a fair appraisal by our qualified appraisal experts. We follow industry guidelines to determine the value of your vehicle. Assets such as advanced trim levels and special features will be figured into the final estimate. We recognize that your vehicle is your investment, and you want to get the best possible return. We work with you to make that happen.

Our appraisers are trained to deal with cars of all ages. Don’t let age, condition or mileage deter you from seeking our expert appraisal. We see vehicles in many different ages and stages. Mileage, condition and age are not the final factor. We want to buy as much as you want to sell your car in Hooksett.

When you want to sell your car in Hooksett, you may be tempted to use the classified ads or take the low-ball offer of a coworker. These approaches can land you in trouble. Selling to a stranger may mean lots of haggling, and it means trusting a stranger’s check will clear your bank. Selling to a coworker may mean taking a low-ball offer when you could get more at Merchant’s Auto. This can also come back to haunt you in six months or a year when the buyer has car trouble and comes back to you, expecting help or reimbursement. Selling to Merchant’s Auto is a straight-forward process. You’ll get a better offer, and there will be no question that the check will clear the bank that day.

If you are selling a car in Greater Hooksett, why not trade with Merchant’s Auto? We will give you a fair appraisal price and a check that very day.