Merchants reviews Pre-Owned Nissans

March 1st, 2019 by

Merchants Auto is an industry leader in providing the highest quality used vehicles. Their vigorous inspection of every vehicle that hits their lot allows you to have peace of mind that you are getting a safe, reliable vehicle that is going to give you years of great performance. This is especially true when looking at their pre-owned Nissans.

Nissan has been providing customers with high quality vehicles for decades and offers various types of vehicles ranging from sports cars to commercial vehicles. Their dedication to providing their customers the best vehicles really shows when looking at any pre-owned Nissan. A used car does not have to keep the stigma of a ragged out, stain filled car. With a pre-owned Nissan from Merchants Auto, you are going to get the highest quality used vehicle you can find.


Nissan is most popularly known for it’s full line of sedans that range from compact to full size to service a broad range of customers. These are going to be your most popular Nissans found on any used car lot as they are Nissan’s flagship vehicles and have been purchased the most out of their vehicle lineup over the last few decades. You will find popular vehicles such as the Versa, Leaf, Sentra, Altima, and Maxima at Merchants Auto.


If you are needing a little more room for yourself or a family, a pre-owned Nissan SUV or crossover may be a better suit for you. While they are not the most popular in the used car market, they are not extremely hard to find. We here at Merchants Auto usually keep a few in our inventory as they are quite popular with people searching for pre-owned SUVs.

Sports Cars

If you are the type who like high performance sports cars and want something that is really going to make a statement, a pre-owned Nissan sports car may be the best fit for you. Some of the most popular used Nissan sports cars found at Merchants Auto are going to be the 350Z, 370Z, the 370Z Roadster, and even the occasional high performance GT-R.


Over the past couple of decades, Nissan has really stepped up in the truck market, offering popular trucks such as the Frontier, Titan, and Titan XD. These trucks are starting to become more common in the used car market as Nissan continues to improve on their design and offer must have features on all of their latest trucks. This works in your favor as the price for the Nissan truck is more affordable after it has been traded in.


Last but not least, if you own a business or are just looking for a vehicle that is of commercial grade, Nissan has a little known line of commercial vehicles that make for great use for just about any company. Carbo vans and passenger vans are two of the most common Nissan commercial vehicles and can usually be found at an affordable price that fits more budgets at Merchant Auto.