Merchants Auto Reviews used Hyundais

December 15th, 2018 by

When shopping for a used vehicle, there are going to be certain things you are going to want to look for when doing your research, You are going to want something with a good safety rating, features that will make your driving experience pleasurable, and a vehicles that is going to be reliable. You can get all of this and more with a used Hyundai from Merchants Auto.

Hyundai offers many different types of vehicles to suit just about any lifestyle. When looking for a used Hyundai, you can rest assured that you are making a good investment no matter what model you choose. Let’s take a closer look at each type of model to see exactly what makes buying a used Hyundai a good choice.


When researching a pre-owned Hyundai, you will probably notice the wide selection of compact and hatchbacks available. Hyundai has been providing the industry with quality compacts and sedans for decades and have held their own in safety ratings, performance, and overall customer satisfaction. With popular models such as the Accent, Veloster, and Elantra GT, you will have plenty to choose from when looking for a used Hyundai compact or hatchback. These vehicles will be very fuel efficient and be able to fit four people comfortable making them a great choice from families or those who like to road trip.


If you are going to need a little more room, you can opt for a full size or mid-sized used Hyundai sedan. Two of the most popular models, the Elantra and the Sonata, have been a customer favorite over the past decade and a half. They are also two of the most sought after pre-owned cars in Hyundai’s lineup.


If you are looking for an affordable used SUV or a crossover, Hyundai has many to choose from. While the Kona and Tucson are some of the newest additions, the Hyundai Santa Fe dominates the pre-owned Hyundai SUV market. Built using high quality products, Hyundai has made a great name for themselves as their used SUVs hold their value quite well while staying in great condition.

Hybrid/Electric/Fuel Cell

Buying a used car doesn’t mean you can’t get some of the latest technology. Hyundai’s hybrid and electric car lineup is growing in popularity in the used car market. Due to their not so old age, these cars are still in great condition and can get fuel mileage of up to 119 miles per gallon on some models. This is a great way to get an affordable pre-owned Hyundai and save on gas everyday.


Hyundai also has a performance lineup that is a little known secret in the used car space. Used Hyundai Genesis vehicles are becoming very popular as they are a more luxurious, high performance vehicle in their lineup that many have not heard of. These cars are great for anyone looking for a sedan or coupe with some get up and go from the turbocharged motor. They are usually featuring the latest technology and more eye-catching attributes.