Merchants Auto Reviews Pre-Owned Fords

February 15th, 2019 by

If you are in the market for a used vehicle, there are going to be endless options for you to choose from. Add in the factor of finding the right options in a vehicle with low mileage, and you can find yourself looking forever to try to find the perfect vehicles for you. Keep the stress off of yourself and let the experienced professionals here at Merchants Auto find the right vehicle for you.

Our highly trained staff can help find and get you into the vehicle of your dreams without you having to do the leg work. One of the areas that our team is specialized in is pre-owned Ford vehicles. With more and more Ford vehicles hitting car lots everyday, we are sure to find you the exact car that you are wanting with the features that you need.


Over the past decade, Ford has dedicated a lot of time to improving and producing high quality sedans that have appealed to many new car owners. What this means for you is that there are more and more pre-owned Ford sedans becoming readily available in the market. We here at Merchant Auto carry a wide selection of pre-owned Ford sedans that are both adequately priced and in amazing shape.


The longest running car of the Ford lineup, the Mustang, is a customer favorite in the pre-owned market. As a staple in the American muscle car era, the Mustang is a popular vehicle for any age, making it a great pre-owned Ford vehicle. With many different trim levels and styles to choose from, finding a used Mustang at Merchants Auto is an easy feat. With the wide range of aftermarket accessories and restoration parts available, you can easily customize your new Mustang to the way that you like it.


One of the most popular Ford vehicles over the past few years has been the Ford Explorer. The Explorer, along with Ford’s full line of crossovers and SUVs are becoming more and more popular as gas prices continue to stay low and the demand for larger vehicles continues to rise. This is great for the pre-owned vehicle shopper as the are becoming traded in more often, allowing you to take advantage of great savings on the SUV of your choice.


A Ford truck is just about as American as it gets getting to save thousands of dollars by purchasing one used will make just about anyone happy. Ford’s truck lineup is quite extensive which allows Merchants Auto to take advantage of filling our inventory with a wide variety of pre-owned Ford trucks.


For those who are needing something a little more commercial, Ford is a leader in commercial vehicles which in turn makes the pre-owned market thrive. Finding a used Ford commercial vehicle is actually quite simple and with the help of our highly trained staff, we can find the exact vehicle that you want with all of the features that is going to make your purchase worthwhile.