Meet the Picasso of Dirty Cars

May 7th, 2014 by

Winter is tough on both our morale and our cars, and this year was no exception. It didn’t seem like the snow would ever melt, and at Merchants Auto we could tell people were relieved when they visited our service center to get their winter tires taken off.

Not only are we glad to have the snow gone from the roads, but also our cars which are perpetually dirty during the winter. However, what this artist does to an unclean car has almost changed our opinions on our rides that aren’t shining from the car wash.

Many people take pride in cleaning their cars over a weekend, but maybe some people will pick up some dusty car art instead! What would you like to see emblazoned on your car?

For more information on our used inventory, stop in to see us at our Hooksett, NH dealership! You’ll leave with a great car, though it will be clean so if you want to get artsy you’ll have to dirty it yourself.

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