Let Credit Repair Be The Start of Something New

October 24th, 2014 by
A poor credit rating may feel like the end of the world, but it doesn’t have to be. At Merchants Auto, we try to make it the beginning of something new. We see many customers who have been through a crisis, whether it’s a job loss, divorce, bankruptcy, home loss, or major medical expense. This can take the wind out of your sails for sure, but it doesn’t have to keep you off the road. Our Buy Here Pay Here philosophy has helped thousands and thousands of New Hampshire drivers over the years. Perhaps it can help you.
The key is affordability. With our large inventory of cars and trucks, we can find the right match at the right price. Our financial team of advisers has been trained to find you a monthly payment that you can afford. We want to see you drive away in a quality vehicle, and we want you to succeed at repairing your credit history. We see our customers as an investment that we can make in securing a better future.
Building Back Credit
The key to credit repair, according to many financial experts, is to show good faith in your credit dealings. One way to do that is to secure a bad credit loan in Manchester from Merchants Auto. As you make monthly payments, your credit score will be slowly rebuilt. Creditors like to see these fixed monthly payments in addition to any credit card payments. Auto loans are different from credit cards because an auto loan requires paying an exact amount rather than an amount of your own choosing.
You’ll find a big inventory of used cars, trucks and SUVs at Merchants Auto. This should make it easy for every type of consumer to find what they need. Sedans and SUVs offer great family cars. Pickup trucks offer workmates for those in trades, construction or farming.
Visit Merchants Auto for a big inventory and help with bad car credit in Concord. You can fill out an online application to get started.
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